Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer fun and trying new things

Well it has been forever since we blogged.  Who knew that it would be so much harder to blog in the summertime.  I was certain I would have plenty of spare time....however we end up spending every moment with our little man.    And he is becoming such a strong little guy.  He crawls all over the place and is starting to pull himself up on things too.  We are sure that by the time school starts we will have to baby proof everything.   He has already been successful pulling out magazines and plants from the grandparents houses--good thing they love him and don't care that he ruins things.    We put him in bed the other day and came back to check on him and this is what we found.

He had pulled himself up in his crib....he was sooooo proud of himself.   We knew just what to do....It was time to lower the crib.
We went to the doctor for our 6 month shots and check up....actually it was 7 months...ooops.  But here is the news from Doctor Lish....... our little man is LITTLE.  He is not even on the charts now....he used to be in the 10th percentile...but he is now in the negative percentile.  He really hadn't grown taller or gained any weight.  He is weighing in at 14. 7 lbs.     We were concerned....but the doc said not to worry.  He said it is probably because he is constantly moving.  He never stops.  So we are still wearing 0-3 month clothes and in some cases a few 3 month clothes.
We have also been trying out new foods.   He has tried applesauce, sweet potatoes, rolls, tortillas, and new.....bananas (which he LOVES--he just ate a  whole 1/3 of one.)   He prefers 'real' food that has been mashed up...not the baby food.  He is not to found of cereal...unless you mix it with something else.   He also loves his rice puff treats...flavored like fruit and the cheesy ones too.   And he certainly enjoys gram crackers and gets them allllllllll over everything.

We love to watch him discover new things.  He is really beginning to explore and play with toys.  He loves to spend time in the play pen.....with all of his toys (this kid is really spoiled).    He loves the ones that make sounds.   

Changing his diaper is a two man job....he doesn't stop moving and is a wiggle worm.  He has to explore and discover....and so he rolls around and it takes one person to hold him down and the other one to attempt to change the diaper.   ---but last night he fell asleep and before putting him in bed Bryce was changing his diaper---well as is typical....he rolled over onto his tummy.  But before you could say anything he was sound asleep just like this....with his little bum in the air.  It  was definately a moment we had to capture.
We are having a great summer!   I can't believe it is already more than half over.   We have had some great adventures...and a made a ton of memories. If only summer could last forever--it is a time to treasure...the 3 of us together all the time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

my world at a glance

Isn't it great to know you are surrounded by people you love.   This is a terrific pic of Bryce and Xan while they were waiting for my shakespeare production of Midsummer Night's Dream to begin.    Our auditorium is not accesible because of construction so we had to present our play in our courtyard.   So as I was walking out of the school doors I spotted these two on the lawn.  I hurried to my camera and when I came back I snapped this pic.  
Here they two boys.  Laying on the grass waiting for the show to begin.   They are so wonderful and make me the happiest girl in the world.   There I was in the midst of the craziness of a show and then I saw my family and the world was still.   They are soooooo incredible and sooooo cute......  and they are my world.

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