Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Xan goes swimming

While we were at Disneyland....we took Xan swiming for the first time...perhaps we should call it floating.....
We were so excited....he was tenative with the whole thing at first....but then he took to it like a little fish. We tried the pool first...but it was sooooooo cold and he whimpered as Bryce put in his little then with no one around we tried the "hot tub".   I put this in quotations because it was more like a warm tub....which was great for us.   It was about the temperature of a nice bath.   And it proved to be a fabulous first swim.

The fashion----hat and matching suit was provided by daddy...since the one mom bought is still too big....perhaps will be seen in a later blog......and the fun yellow floaty was also found by dad......
Getting ready is always a battle....but with daddy we try to make it fun
 All lathered with sunscreen and sporting the latest in swimwear fashion with pirate gear head to toe....we are ready for the pool.

These next pics speak for themselves
these toes are getting a bit waterlogged...but he loves the water and doesn't want to leave the pool.

Back in the hotel....still having fun in my little swimmers that are enormous and go up to my arm pits
This to be one of the funnest times of the vacation....and wasn't even in the park.  I had to laugh atus as we were the typical new parents....with camera and video cam in hand and attempted to capture every moment.   The pool was pretty barren...but the few families there all commented about our cute little man.   It was definately an afternoon to be remembered.    For once being in the pool wasn't about us and swim suits and body was about our family having a great time!   It was more fun than I have ever had at a pool before.   Xan loved the water and I am sure we can look forward to many more trips.   Swim lessons here we come.

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