Friday, January 22, 2010

1st time left with a sitter

Yesterday Melanie had to go to the doctor and Bryce was at work so Xan had his first experience with a babysitter and a bottle (of pumped breast milk).   I was gone for almost 3 hours....crazy.  I thought of him the entire time.  But he was safe and sound with auntie Mandee.  Mandee was so sweet and rearranged her day just to spend time with little Xan. When I came home, I expected to hear a crying and screaming baby...but this is what I found. 

And a bit closer and even cuter.

Aren't they just soooooo cute.  It was such a relief to see him so loved and so happy.  And to know that Mandee was loving being with him.

And Mandee...Xan's personal photographer--- took some great pics during the 3 hours I was I didn't miss anything.

ok this one is of Magoo...
Back to Xan

So in conclusion thanks so much to Mandee she is the best sitter ever.  And even braved the first bottle...which was a bit of a challenge--but she was so patient and understanding.  We owe her a ton...she even did the dishes and made us dinner too.
We love our Mandee

It was so awesome to know that my little man was in loving hands. Three hours away from him was tough...and Monday I go back to work...who knows how that will go.  Good thing we are surrounded by such fabulous friends and family.  


  1. I love you guys and so of course I love my little buddy! I'd do this for you anytime! I love you guys! Thanks for a great day!

  2. Jealous! :) He's the cutest little guy ever. We need to plan another get together sometime! I hope everything goes well when you go back to work!

    ps. ONE day I'm hoping that he'll enjoy me holding him also :) ha ha ha

  3. Melanie, your blog entry almost had me in tears. Leaving him was so hard for you. You are so lucky to have Phyllis and Scott to help you.
    The baby is gorgeous and quite a little ham on the screen. May you Bryce and Xan stay happy and healthy.
    Love , Aunt Maggie


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