Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander's First Valentines Day

Well here is another first!!   We took pictures so we can send out Xan's first set of Valentines Cards.   Of course this momentous occasion called for a cute new outfit.   (any excuse to shop for little man)   So after a successful trip to The Children's Place ( a great store by the way) we found a really cute outfit.  It is red and white and say eligible bachelor on the front.  Soooooo cute.   I was so excited for this.
Mandee was baby sitting and took these cute pics to use for the card.

As I looked at the finished card and started addressing envelopes to send to our families I began to think about this crazy holiday.   This holiday that seems to be invented by Halmark and Hershey's Chocolates has a whole new meaning this year.  I remember so many years in the past where I celebrated National Single Awareness Day....the day when I felt alone and depressed.  But then Bryce changed all that and for the past 6 years I have had fabulous Valentine's Days.   I remember our first Valentine's Day.  I was teaching at Weber High School and every period an aide from the office would deliver a special valentine for me and then after school I went home to find a beautiful meal complete with candlelight.  (isn't he the best husband ever)
I know Valentine's Day is a symbol of romantic love.....but today I thought of how our little Xan is a living example of the love that Bryce and I share.  Then I started to think that I am so lucky to be married to my very best friend.   A man who truely loves me, even with all of my short comings.   Bryce constantly shows me he loves me, he doesn't just wait for this one day of the year.  He is always expressing his love by writing my special emails or bringing me flowers or cooking a special dinner or just cuddling on the couch.  But my favorite thing he does is so little---but means so much.   He looks into my eyes and says 8 special words.... "do you know how much I love you?"    These words mean so much to me.   He also calls me his Lady.   This is his special name for me and it makes me smile whenever he says it.  When he calls me Lady I know exactly how he feels about me--I know he loves me with all his heart.   AND I LOVE HIM!!  My father in heaven has truley blessed me.
I also started to think about love.   A year ago I never imagined I could loving anything more than Bryce and our precious little puppy Magoo.   We did everything together and I loved it. My Magoo is still my little furry guy--he always greets us at the door with kisses and sleeps on our bed every night.  He is the best dog in the world.  I loves me unconditionally and is never too busy for a cuddle or a treat. 
And now I have another man in my life.    And although he only weighs 7 and 1/2 pounds and is 2 months old--I love him heart and soul.  I never dreamed that I could love something so much.   There is not a moment of the day that I don't think about him.   When I hold him in my arms, the rest of the world with all of it worries seems to disappear.  
But the love in my life doesn't end with our little family.   We have so many people in our life that love us.   We have incredible parents that love us and help make our full lives possible.  We have great brothers and sisters who we love.  We also have dear family members across the country who love and support us even across many miles.  And in addition to this great family, we have incredible friends who are dear to us and help us get through the day to day turmoils--these people are our extended family.   We also have a dear ward family---(the people who attend church with us).  They are so supportive, friendly and are always there to offer a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand or a plate of cookies. :)
So this year I feel so lucky and extremely grateful.  I am surrounded by valentines.  I find myself loving one strong and caring man, one precious little man, and one furry loveable little guy.   I love each of them so much and I can't imagine my life without them.  I am also so blessed that my father in heaven has sent me loving friends and family that enrich my life.
So from our little family in Utah to our family and friends everywhere.
 Happy Valentines Day.

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