Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another week....he is growing strong

I can't believe how much my little man is changing.  It is almost like he grows every day.   He is now able to almost hold his head up all by himself.   He loves to reach for everything and he never stops wiggling.  His legs are constantly moving and arms are flapping.   He seems so interested in us.  Xan has really started to react when we play with him.   We lay him on his back and tickle his tummy and he gets the biggest grin and almost a little laugh.   He is also starting to really chatter.  He seems to have his own little language of coos and squeals and squeeks and sometimes even a shout.   It is so much fun to watch him grow.   I stopped to look at pictures of him at the hospital when he was born, he was such a small, fragile thing,   So tiny and helpless with so much extra skin he looked like a little old man....but he has filled out.  His little legs are getting so strong and his little cheeks are so full and cute.  I can't believe I love him even more.    Part of me wants to stop time and have him stay this way forever.  I love to cuddle with him and snuggle with him in my arms.  I love to watch Bryce hold him close and pat his back and kiss his head.    I am beginning to realize so many adventures lie ahead of us.  Crawling....walking....running.....but for now I am going to treasure these moments---like the smell of him after a bath, caressed with baby lotion and in fresh new clothes.  And the feel of his warm little body snuggled up to my chest  and the feel of his little breath on my neck.
I know it can't happen...but like Peter Pan.... 
I never want him to grow up.

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