Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New sounds....squeaks and squeals

Well here it is March 2, 2010 and it seems like time is flying by.   Our little man is growing and today I take him for his first set of immunizations.  Urgh...the thought of them poking him is a bit tramautic for me, but I know it is for the best and it is something that needs to be done.

On to good news....This week we discovered a fun new toy for Xan, a Jonny Jump up.  It is a hand me down from our friend Tim.   It is like a little swing on a spring that attatched to a door frame.  The straps are adjustable so he can sit in it and touch the ground.  He is able to slowly but surely propell himself around in a circle or up and down a bit.  He will sit in it content and happy for almost a full hour.  He loves it.  He is still a bit small for the seat so we have to wrap a blanket around him and then place him inside so he can sit up straight.
Also this week he has developed a new noise..it is kind of a mix between a squeal and a squeek.   He does it when he is very happy and is smiling really big.   He loves for you to lay him on his back and tickle his tummy.  Perhaps his very favorite place is on the changing pad, he loves to lay there and just jabber.    Xan also likes the counter at my parents house where he can lay in the sunshine under the window.   His squeals of joy are about as cute as anything I have ever heard.  We love him so much.   He is so cute.   

We are going to bless him this Sunday and so we are busy getting everything ready.  We are planning a nice lunch after church at my parent's house and I have changed the menu on my poor mom so many times...but Bryce finally decided on sandwiches and salads and deserts.  So the menu is set and mom is busy baking yummy desserts. But now the problem is what will Xan wear.   We wanted him to get blessed in Bryce's blessing clothes--but they are too big.  So my mom bought him a way cute little outfit, but we got it home and it is STILL too big.  URGH!!!  So now I am again on the hunt for something special for my little man to wear.    I have 4 more days and I work 3 of those days...so it looks like Saturday we will be last minute shopping.  I hope we can find something nice for this special day.

We took him to church last week for the first time and he had no church clothes...so I put him in a little tan sleeper with a small winne the pooh embroidered on it and his little pooh bear cap.  He looked so cute and he was such a good boy.  He made the entire 3 hours without a crying fit of any kind.  I hope this week will be the same.  

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