Friday, December 4, 2009

He's Here! has been a long night! For those of you who don't know whats been going on with our family the past few days I will give you the low-down.

First off, Melanie has been having trouble feeling the baby move. It was a bit disconcerting that she couldn't reassure herself that he was ok. So Monday we went in for our weekly check-up. The doctor told us that our concerns were very valid. He said Melanie's ability to feel the baby move is the first line of defense against any problems that may arise. It was nice to know that he didn't think that we were crazy, or that over the top.

The next day (Tuesday, if you are following along), Mel still couldn't feel him moving. She went into the doctor's office to check and make sure everything was ok. He told her that the fact that she could feel her baby move wasn't a good sign. He told her that everything was fine but that if she can't feel him move, then she won't beable to let anyone know if anything is wrong. He scheduled her daily appointments to go into his office, or the hospital to check on the baby, to make sure that there was nothing wrong.

Then on Wednesday, we went into the hospital together. Again, nothing of consequence...he was doing fine. I went off to class, and Mel went home.

Then yesterday (Thursday), Mel went over to the doctors office to have them check the baby. The doctor was waiting for her so he could go and deliver 3 other babies. He was concerned that she still couldn't feel the baby move. He told her he really considered taking her with him and inducing her that night...But he was think that we would wait until Sunday, and start her then.

Well, we thought..."Okay, we have til Sunday to get all the last minute things done." So we sauntered off to get some dinner (El Toro Viejo, YUM!) before I had to head to my last class of the semester. Well I left my phone at home, so when we got home, there was a message from the doctor's office, that we should call back right we did. The doctor had reconsidered while he was delivering the other babies. He said he really didn't feel comfortable waiting til Sunday, and that he "really felt" that we should come in that night and get her started. Now tell me what would you do? We really trust the doctor and know that he follows his intuition quite often, and we really admire his willingness to listen and follow what feels right. So...we went in.

And so it began...

We checked in at about 7:15 PM. At 9:00 they began with a hormone that helps to efface and thin the cervix. They said that they would need to wait 12 hours to then give her Petocin to induce labor. They told us that once they gave her Petocin at 9 AM she would have about another 12-24 hours before the baby would come. Well...about 4 AM she began having labor pains and contractions, though they weren't serious. At 7 Am I left to make sure she had substitute, all her lesson plans were ready, and so I could collect all my finals and get everthing graded before the baby came, thinking I had at least 12 hours to run and get things all wrapped up, I mean it really couldn't take more that 3-4 hours, and the baby wan't coming for like 12 right?...Wrong.

I had just got to Logan to start collecting paper work, when the Labor and Delivery Nurse call and said I needed to come back as soon as possible, and was very cryptic about the reasoning, say Melanie could use my support. It was just after 9 AM...Hmmm something wasn't right. So I hoped back in the car, and drove very calmly back to the hospital (especially since I about killed myself driving through Sardine in October). I got back just in time to watch the anesthesiologist insert the epidural...Man had I missed all the action!

20 minutes after I left, Melanie's membrane had ruptured and she had gone into full-on labor! Her contractions were so intense that they had to insert the epidural after only two hours of labor. The doctor said it was the best contractions he's seen in a while. I also learned that when she started in labor, the baby's heart rate kept falling. They were concerned that there was something wrong with the baby. The doctor told me that they had stablized everything and that he still thought we should attempt a vaginal birth. I had only been there about 20 minutes when the doctor came back in and said the baby's vitals were dropping again. He was not willing to risk the baby or Melanie. Right then they were both doing fine and he would like to keep it that way, that meant C-section. I was wisked away by several Medsurg nurses to be preped so I could be with Melanie during the C-section.

Wow it all happened soooo thing I knew, I was in an operating room. They had Mel all ready and they pushed me up by her head and BAM! Off we went! It seemed like only about a minute passed; I saw head then an arm then out came this perfect baby boy...with the embilical cord wraped around his neck...Twice! wonder he has having problems.

Oh...what was that I saw...?

Redhair! Really?!?! My wife just gave birth to the most perfect little boy EVER! Next thing I know I am in the nursery with this perfect little person. He is 6 pounds 1.2 ounces and 19.25 inches long. What a tiny little guy! (On Monday, he measured about 7 pounds, 11 ounces...hmm oops.)

And so the moment everyone has been waiting for...

the adorable,
the precious,
the most perfect baby EVER!

Alexander Eli!


  1. he looks JUST like you Bryce! he is so adorable, congrats to you and Melanie I am so happy for you both!! Alexander is such a cutie.

  2. We're so happy and proud!! Congrats!!! Love uncle leelee and auntie payt!

  3. You guys do great work! He is so adorable and I agree, looks like his daddy in this picture. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  4. Awww.... he's beautiful and I love his name.:) Love, Auntie Carol

  5. AAAAaaaaaah! SO cute! what a stud =] I want to come see him over christmas break!!! HOpe that's okay. AH! I'm so excited for little Zander.
    Love Ryan and Devin**

  6. Congratulations!! He's so adorable and we're so happy for you guys :)

  7. He is absolutely beautiful! And I love the name! I'm so happy for you both!!!! I like Ryan would like to come say hi over break so let me know if that's okay! Love you both!!

  8. Hey Congrats guys! That's great. Good to hear the little guy made it safely.

  9. Congratulations, he's beautiful! Enjoy every minute because he'll be changing everyday.
    May God bless you all.
    Love, Aunt Maggie


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