Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 38--almost here

Well today is December 2 and we are almost to the single day count down. December 13 is rapidly approaching with so much left to do and so much to prepare for. I feel like we are about to embark on a long journey---only we have no map....and we haven't packed very well.
Everyone asks...."aren't you excited" and the answer is yes!!! Of course!! But I am also so scared. Scared of the future...and of the unknown. Life is definately about to change forever---and it is a change we have been waiting and praying for, but now that it is almost here I feel so unprepared.
I keep trying to tell myself it will all be ok....maybe all new parents feel like this. (At least I hope so). But as our little guy gets closer I just get more nervous, excited and scared.

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare....I had been to the doctor on Monday and everything checked out well. No dilation yet, so our Dr. tried a few things to hopefully help start the process. The baby is strong and healthy...just riding high. So hopefully he will start moving down and we can begin dialating and get him here on time. No delivery scheduled for this week....keep healthy and be sure to keep track of the fetal movement.

Well I went home that night...and began to get scared and worried. No movement....or at least none that I could feel. All night it was the same, I got up around 2:30 and tried the tricks the doctor had suggested. (cold glass of water, juice, nudging)--But nothing was working. Still no movement. --Just a long restless night. But I kept thinking it is just in my head...relax and don't worry. I got up and dressed and went to school. All day I kept trying to relax and feel for movement...but still nothing. So after school I called the doctor and asked what to do. He had me come right over for an ultrasound. Sure enough the baby is ok!!! And the heart beat is strong. After the ultrasound they put me on a fetal heart monitor for 1/2 hour to be sure everyting is ok. They tried juice as well to see if I could feel any movement---but still nothing. So the baby is doing well, but I can't feel any movement. Which is good and bad.....because if I can't feel movement, then I can't detect a problem. So for safety's sake my incredible doctor (he is amazing and so caring) has scheduled me to come in to his office or the hospital everyday to check. He doesn't want to risk anything!! And neither do I. Who knows how much these daily test will cost...and at this point they could cost millions and I would still do it! We are too close to let anything happen now. Melanie


  1. I'm glad everything is okay! Your names are in the temple and in our prayers! Love you guys!

  2. Mel, everyone has those moments of nervousness and then excitement. I still had those while prego with Paige. You and Bryce are going to make such wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet the little guy!

  3. Hooray for new blogs! I love new blogs. Does that make me a creepy stalker? Oh well!

    I am glad your doctor is taking you seriously and seeing you daily. What a scary moment! Why does juice make the baby move?

    Lisa (Bryce's cousin)

  4. What everyone else said. Hugs and prayers.


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