Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not just a daddy...

 So tonight my incredible husband worked his magic in the kitchen.  He has proved again to all of us that he is an fabulous cook.  We can add that to the title of greatest daddy ever.   And his magic wasn't just in the kitchen, he set a beautiful looked like it could have come out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.   He takes such care with everything he does.  The dinner was a great success and very tasty too.  

   Beautiful place setting husband pays attention to every detail.  I am so lucky to have him as my husband.   Traditionally wives are supposed to care for the house and the family....NOT HERE.   He is the greatest!!!  And I bet I have the best husband ever...he cooks, decorates, cares for the baby, does laundry, fixes household problems, and changes diapers and still works on his PhD.  No...sorry you can't have him.  He is all mine---for eternity.   Xan is lucky to have such a wonderful daddy.

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