Saturday, December 5, 2009

day 2 with our little guy

So here I sit in the hospital, all alone with my thoughts.  Bryce has gone home to shower and Alexander has gone to get circumsized.  The room is so quiet--so I decided to take a walk around labor and delivery. In this section of the hospital pictures line the ceiling. Baby boys and girls with such big eyes and beautiful smiles. Each one a beautiful miracle from our father in heaven.  I am in awe of the perfection and individuality of each one.  They are all truely gifts from heaven.   I sat with Xan this morning--just the two of us in peace and quiet and I began to count my blessings.  Our journey to this moment has not been an easy one....but ohhhhhhh it has been worth every step.  As I sat there I looked down at this tiny little body, fragile and pink....I thought of the incredible spirit inside of him.   A spirit that has been strong enough to make it through to us.  I am thrilled to see what a fine young man he will become.  I can only imagine the incredible memories we will have in even a week.   He is so special and we are going to try to be the best parents we can be for him. Honestly, I am so scared to be a parent...perhaps that is because I have taught school for 14 years....  I want to give him every opportunity, I want to provide him comfort and stability, and a strong spiritual foundation.  I want to give him everything.....and my fear is I will make some big mistakes along the way.   I just hope that Bryce and I can trust in the lord to guide our new little family.   Melanie 


  1. My dearest brat princess,

    We women come to earth with a special gift that Heavenly Father has instilled in each female. It is motherly love, and with it we also are endowed with a mother's intuiion. Some mother's don't listen to the Spirit and some never realize it is even there, but my sweet new Mommy, you know and you believe and you have faith and so much love that you've saved up for this precious one...that's what you focus on with baby Xan. We moms aren't perfect, but we can love perfectly.

    Next Mother's day, you will be in church, smiling and thanking Heavenly Father again and again for the gift of motherhood...and accepting a tomato plant or geranium and you will love it. ;)

    We love you three and celebrate with you.

    Bill, Carol, Andrew, Barbara and Michael Alexander Clapp

  2. Welcome to motherhood! You and Bryce will make wonderful parents. Yeah, you'll make mistakes but try no to worry, God will help you-Alexander is His son too!
    I'm happy your little guy is here and doing so well. Thank you for a beautiful post that reminded me of just how special newborn babies really are.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!
    Erin Okey Cluff

  3. You made me cry. Congratulations. I love you sooo much.


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