Friday, December 25, 2009

Our first Christmas

Christmas Eve was delightful.  We had Grandpa and Grandma Nelson and Jeff over for dinner.   We actually only 'hosted' the dinner because of Xan.  Bryce, as is customary, set a beautiful table and prepare a grand selection of  hor de overes. (spelling???)    Mom actually made the meal--a glorious home made lasagna--which in the words of Rachel Ray was 'yummo'.  Then as Nelson tradition holds we watched a movie. (Only difference was this year we were at home instead of at Walker Cinemas.---again due to our new addition).
But we had a great time and laughed and laughed.  If you haven't seen 4 Christ-mases--you should. 

We awoke this morning (after not much sleep for my dear husband who stayed up nearly all night with Xan) to get ready for a great day with our families.
First project of the day---breakfast for the Grandma and Grandpa Day.  And so my dear husband went to work his magic yet again. ---Yet again a glorious meal.  Quiche, fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, monkey bread (my favorite), cranberry muffins, and 'faux-mosas'.

Not to mention another beautiful table complete with a floral center piece.

 It was very tasty--even Grandpa Day enjoyed the quiche. :)  Presents were exchanged....even some for Xan.   We spent time talking and just spending time together.  Then time for pictures and more pictures.

Grandpa and Grandma Day

Who knew I would turn into one of those crazy parents who take picutres of every moment of their child's life.

After Grandpa and Grandma Day were on their way to visit everyone else, we decided to open our presents.   This process was complete with puppy playing in the wrapping paper and Xander eating meal #3 and then sleeping.   Bryce again did way too much for me for Christmas....he is always the sweetest thing.  I love him so much.  I feel like I really didn't do enough to repay him for all he does for us.   Santa also dropped  a good portion of his sleigh at our house.  Bryce and I both commented that Christmas will only get better in the coming years as Xan grows up.

Next, we bundled up Xander and went the two blocks to Grandma and Grandpa Nelsons.  Again...more presents.

My dad loves Christmas so much and we always get spoiled. --Presents were exchanged and we had some great laughs too. Xan got a bunch of gifts too, and Bryce and I took turns opening them.  While he spent time in Grandma and Grandpa's arms. Then we had a delightful and yummy Christmas lunch.  We barely finished lunch when Xan loudly let us know that it was his time to we made a quick exit (minus Magoo who wouldn't leave Grandma's side)

 Grandpa Nelson


                                                       Grandma Nelson

Jeff and Melanie

And the book Mel made for Jeff for Christmas.  Mom and Dad wrote a poem about Jeff building the addition on the house....and Mel put the pic together with the poem to make a book.  Jeff loved it.

So after feeding Xan, we all took a much needed nap.  Xan and Bryce snuggled together on the bed---so cute (I almost took another pic of the two of them sleeping, but I was able to control myself).   We were awakened several hours later by a hungry little man.   After feeding him, we spent the remainder of the evening watching movies together.  (Pixar shorts, Julie and Julia, Harry Potter 2)

Xan was awake through most of the first 2 movies---which means perhaps my dear husband might be able to sleep a little more tonight.   Xan was so cute....wide awake.   He sat in our laps, and then in his bouncy chair, and then back into our arms.   It was so much fun. Who needs a movie to watch when you have a darling little guy to look at.   I can only imagine the fun we will have in the coming year as he starts to react to us.

Xan is now asleep in his bassinett...for now anyway....and the two of us are finishing Harry Potter 2.  Magoo has returned from Grandma's and has taken possesion of the comfy chair and the boppy.   The day is coming to a close and I am begining to get sentimental.....which is happening more and more often.

Our first Christmas as a family...I hope we took enough pictures!   I don't want to forget anything.   It has been a great day.  This jam packed holiday season brought about a discussion today.  Bryce and I talked (and argued)  about the importance of family traditions.  We both come from such different back grounds and now that we are begining our own family...what traditions will we keep?  For example, will we have Chinese (Day family) or Italin (Nelson family) food for Christmas Eve.  As you can see I won this year...but we will see about next year.  During the past 6 years, we have done our best to try to do everything we can to keep every family tradition alive. It is a challenge to bring two sets of traditions together, we disagree quite often...but we did agree on something.  With Alexander, we want to start new traditions for our new family.  We started one yesterday....we went to Halmark and bought Xander an ornament....yes he has no idea now what we bought him.  But we want to buy him one every year.  There is another new tradition that I will make sure happens each year and it doesn't involve any purchase or wrapping.

I will never forget waking up this morning and walking out to the common room and finding the scriptures opened up to Luke...while I was asleep, Bryce said he had read Xander the Christmas story (although Xan slept through most of it).  During the rush, the wrapping, the cooking and the lack of sleep Bryce made sure that Alexander heard the real reason for this season.   He sat down and held our precious baby in his arms and read to him the story of another infant, our older brother Jesus Christ.  He shared with our little man the story of the nativity and the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives.  Bryce is such a great example to me--no matter how little he is, he is never too young to hear the gospel.  Thanks Bryce for being such a tremendous father and husband.  We are so blessed to have you in our home.  Thanks for reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas and the most important gift we have ever been given.


  1. miss mel,
    i love you and this post made me so happy to read.
    i'm so excited for you and bryce and your little one. he is going to be so incredibly loved and spoiled.
    i love you guys.

  2. So sweet. Now, pictures, please! Love you.

  3. Hey Melanie! I just found your blog, and I was so glad! Congrats on your adorable little boy! That is so exciting!! You're family is beautiful! I hope life is going well for you - I'm sure its a joy with your little Xan. Congrats! and Happy Holidays!
    -Elena Brockbank Madsen

  4. What a nice Christmas! Aunt Vickie and my mom look more and more alike every time I see them lately. And they are starting to look like Grandma Stoddard too. Hmmm. I always remember having turkey at the Day's on Christmas Eve. Of course, I last spent Christmas Eve at the Day's over 20 years ago. :)

  5. Hor Dourves


  6. Sounds like a perfect Christmas to me. :) I want to be invited to eat at your house! ;)

  7. Lisa,

    We always did, until one Christmas in a very "Christmas Story" like event, the cat got in the house and ate half a thawing turkey, so my father decided we were going to have chinese. And sort of became a tradition for my parents (them my mom doesn't have to cook).

    And yes, I think your mother and my mother are really starting to look ALOT a like...but be very careful of mentioning that they may look or act like Mavis Claire...Garth said that at Greg's Wedding and he about lost his head... :)


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