Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pee pee Teepee

Ok...Attention all of you you who claim to be our friends in the past. Someone explain to to me why, during all of the showers that were given for Mel and Xan, Why...WHY did no one feel inspired to give us a Pee pee Teepee?

Now, I have to say that I the idea, just seemed a bit ridiculous...but...well lets just tell you about my most resent diaper changing experience shall we...

Picture it...I am changing the most perfect child in the world, with my new wipe warmer (it makes the whole diaper changing thing so much easier on both of us). It not a particularly nasty diaper, and I take it off clean him up, and reach over to get a new diaper, when I realize that my shirt is wet, I look back...and what do I find, but my son peeing!!! Its not just a little stream either...I jump out of the way and watch it spray almost to the ceiling! I threw a wipe over his little fire hose, yelled for Mel, and started laughing hysterically. She runs in and says, rather ironically, "What's going on, What happened, What'd I miss?" He looks at my shirt, the mirror, and the now drenched changing pad, and says, "What did you spill?"

I had to retell the whole experience between chortles. I have learned several things from this experience:
  1. Always make sure you have all your materials prepared before you change a diaper.  
  2. Wipes do not really absorb urine very well. 
  3. Don't piss-off a little man with an exposed fire may end up all wet.
So all of you who claim to be our friends, and neglected to purchase such an invaluable item...shame on you! Now that we are stuck at home we will not able to purchase one for while. In the meantime, does anyone know the most absorbent material to make them out of? :)


  1. I have never heard of these before, so this is a total guess: towels are pretty absorbant, so I would get a towel from Walmart, and I would get some cotton flannel (or a cloth diaper which is usually made of cotton flannel) but make sure it is cotton because some flannel is made of other stuff and isn't very absorbant. You could make the whole thing out of a piece of a towel sandwiched inbetween the flannel. The only reason I would bother with this entire project is because they are pretty cute; the Stoddard in me would demand that I only use a towel.

  2. in my defense, I only have girls. I had no idea.

  3. *Laughs hysterically* I love you, Bryce! Ony wear washable clothing, lest your DRY cleaning bills increase. :)


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